The Results:

First of all, this pair of RAMs impressed me with their ability
to run 200mhz (DDR400) with fast memory timings using only 2.6v. After our burn-in
session, this RAM could go to 213MHz at only 2.6v. We would also like to highlight
that this RAM could overclock to 250mhz (DDR500) with just 3.2v. Before the
burn-in, they needed 3.7v to stabilize at 270MHzt. After 10 hours of burn-in,
they could do 270MHz with lesser voltage -3.6v. We tried to go higher by increasing
the voltage further but to no avail. We would like to remind the readers that,
active cooling for your Memory is quite important whenever you pump more than
3v into your RAM. It is advisable to get a fan to blow at the Memory modules.
We were using a 120mm Delta Fan for the job during the process of burning-in
and overclocking.


The test configuration with a Delta 120mm fan blowing over
the RAMs.


After the burning-in: Xtreem “WinBond” @ 270MHz
@ CL2-2-2-5, 3.6v. 40 loops passed without a single error.