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Team Xtreem 2GB PC4000 Dual Channel DDR – CL3



AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice

DFI NF4 SLI DR Expert (Bios 7/12/05-Official)
Xtreem 2 x 1GB Kit (PC4000)

XFX 7800 GTX 256MB

OCZ Power Stream 520w


First of all, I tried to find out a good working memory voltage
to run this pair of RAMs at. I increased the HTT to 250mhz (DDR500) and set
the timings to 3-4-4-8 in the Bios with a memory voltage of 2.6v. The settings:
“Bank Interleave” at enabled and “Command Rate” at 1T in
the BIOS so as not to compromising the performance of the Memory. In order to
determine the stability of the overclocked ram, I used Sisoft Sandra 2005, Super
Pi 4M, 3D Mark 05 Professional and a real world performance test:The recently
released game- F.E.A.R. All overclocks must pass these benchmarks.

I started off with the rated timings (CL3-4-4-8) and speed
(DDR500) at 2.6v and tried to push further from there. I managed to push the
Memory to 277MHz (DDR554) at Cas Latency 3-4-4-8 at only 2.6v. I tried to loosen
the timings to 3-5-4-10 and 3-5-5-10, but even with increased voltage, Super
Pi 4M failed to run stably from 278MHz upwards. Seems like this pair of Ram
does not like voltages in excess of 2.6v. I also tried to set the “Command
Rate” to 2T and disabled
“B ank interleave”, but got no improvements with the overclocks. This
pair of Memory just would’nt even budge 1 more MHz from 277MHz regardless.

I also tried different timings to see how far can this pair
of Memory go.

All the clock speeds achieved above on various timings were
ran with 2.6v. At CL2.5-3-3-5, the max I could achieve was 225MHz and it could
not proceed further even with added voltage. Well, the good thing about this
pair of Memory is that no boards should have a problem feeding it with the right
amount of voltage.

Now, le’s go for some benchmark results.

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