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Team Group launches Xtreem DDR3-2000 tri-channel series

Following the same direction as its industry-leading and award-winning Xtreem and Dark series DDR3 tri-channel memory module kits, Team Group has launched yet another Xtreem tri-channel kit to further unleash the raw power within the Intel Core i7 platform.

The new Xtreem DDR3 2000 kit runs at 2000MHz with jaw-widening low latencies of 7-8-7-20, while requiring only just 1.65V. The DDR3 2000 kit is available in 3GB (3 x 1GB) and 6GB (3 x 2GB) configurations. 

The Press Release is as follows:

Team Group Inc. was established in 1994 and now a leading professional memory module manufacturer. With exceptional R&D capability, Team Group has again, discovered potential performance of the DDR3 memory module after its industry-leading Xtreem/Dark DDR3 tri-channel series received streams of praise; the superior performance of the brand new Xtreem DDR3 2000 tri-channel memory module has unleashed the utmost performance of the Intel Core i7 platform.

With a design concept of achieving high frequency and low latency simultaneously, Xtreem DDR3 tri-channel memory module holds the key of optimizing performance within the Core i7 infrastructure. From DDR3 1333MHz to DDR3 2000, other than a 33% growth in frequency, DDR3 2000 will be the first to achieve a 48GB/sec bandwidth, thanks to the advantages of tri-channel technology. Nevertheless, the Xtreem DDR3 2000 tri-channel features the 7-8-7-20 low latency; an added plus to its high frequency design that overturns the general perception that frequency and latency cannot be satisfied concurrently. Moreover, the Xtreem DDR3 2000 requires a remarkable supply voltage of 1.65V, a demonstration of Team Group’s impeccable R&D capability.

The Xtreem DDR3 2000 tri-channel series are made by 128×8 BGA, offering capacity options of 6GB kit (3 * 2GB) and 3GB (3 * 1GB) to satisfy various requirements. In addition to the use of original IC chips, Team Group uses a unique sorting technique to ensure chip quality, and conducts outgoing burn-in test for up to 24 hours on various mainstream Turbo Key mainboard including ASUS and DFI to guarantee performance on each DDR3 2000 module. Furthermore, DDR3 2000 has a built-in XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles), a standard feature on all tri-channel series, giving novice user with an obstacle-free configuration.

The memory module is bonded with a black aluminum heat sink with exquisite texture and a distinctive X- logo design, manifested a unique texture in appearance, as well as supreme performance of this series of product. Be the first to experience the world’s speediest extreme memory module, Team Triple Channel Xtreem DDR3 series.



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