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Team Group Announces Sporty TP-1023 External HDD

Team Group has launched the TP1023 external HDD, targeting sport car lovers. Measuring 140.7 x 86.5 x 23.2mm, the “sports car” HDD boasts an USB 3.0 interface, 8Mb of cache, shock-resistance suspensions, and an automatic suspend mode. The TP-1023, available in 500Gb, 640Gb, 750Gb and 1Tb capacities, is expected to start shipping soon.


The TP-1023 external HDD Team launched in 2010 is integration
between the wild speed and luxurious design of a sports car. With the
USB3.0 interface, TP-1023 delivers a transfer speed up to 5Gbps, which
makes TP1023 runs as fast as a sport car! Under the Ferrari red surface
coating, T1023 is fully packaged with functions that make itself stands
out from any other external HDD on the market.
In addition to
its eye-catching sports car design and coating, TP1023 is equipped with
sports car like shock absorbent performance. The suspension design can
significantly enhance the shock resistance ability. Passed Team Group’s
130 falling tests (which has exceeded the industrial specification), the
suspension on the TP-1023 provides the best protection for both the
hard drive and data within.

Environmental friendly: automatic suspend mode

energy-saving deign of TP1023 is equipped with the automatic suspend
mode to shut down the hard drive after idling for a particular period of
time, which significantly reduce electricity consumption and saves
energy. TP-1023 also comes in a green design which features the auto
power management function.
Like no others : exclusive industrial design

brand new TP1023 is an integration fashion and modern technology. The
exclusiveness of T1023 won’t let you find an identical external HDD in
the market.

TP1023 is also equipped with many other smart
abilities, such as file management and data backup. Moreover, TP1023 is
also available with the USB2.0 and USB3.0 versions. All in all, the
TP1023 will surely be the total mobile storage solution for any consumer
who seeks for a sleek design mobile disk with powerful performance.

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