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TazTag to unveil new Android tablet at CeBIT?

With the whole world going 'goo-goo-ga-ga' over tablets, smartphones and the operating systems used to power them, it should probably not be surprising to see unheard-of OEMs attempting to capitalize on the mobile bandwagon by offering a product which runs off the ever-popular Android OS. And it seems that there is one such OEM right there at CeBIT as we speak: TazTag is reportedly announcing a new Android-powered tablet that will boast certain connectivity features not found in today's devices.

Near-field communications or NFC is definitely one of the neater features to exist in the market, and it is understandable as to why technologists are keen on integrating this technology into the highly advanced smartphones and tablets of today. After all, the idea that one could simply a tablet at a reader to perform certain tasks such as electronic transactions and scanning mobile RFID tags sounds like something that has the potential to be a both a major time-saver and source of convenience.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the adoption of NFC has been rather slow, despite the fact that it was introduced to the market way back in 2003. However, the first major break for NFC might just come in the form of an Android-powered tablet that will supposedly be unveiled in CeBIT this year. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you…the TazPad.

Not much is known about the device, although its OEM TazTag, has claimed that the TazPad will feature a seven-inch color display capable of recognizing  multitouch input. In addition, the tablet will also come standard with common hardware such as a built-in camera, GPS module and an accelerometer.

However, the real draw of the TazPad stems from the fact that the TazPad is touted by TazTag to be the world's first device which fully supports the NFC communication stack. Not to mention that TazTag has apparently come up with a rather novel way of utilizing the TazPad's NFC's capabilities: by using it as a means of delivering HD content via HDMI-out. Now that is not something you often get to see in a tablet. 

Last but definitely not least, the TazPad will also feature support for other wireless communication protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee, as well as an option for biometric authentication. 

No pricing or release date has been announced for the TazPad though, although various sources  claim that the tablet is due to ship sometime in Q2 this year. And while there is no denying that the TazPad might have the potential to change the way we all look at our tablets, the key question remains: will the NFC infrastructure be ready by the time the tablet starts shipping? We shall see.

Source: TazTag via Technabob

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