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Tao Cordless DUALphone

Dualphone Suite in action

Installing the software is just a few clicks away. After the installation,
the phone is automatically detected once it’s plug in. Sign into Skype™ and
you are ready to go.


When Skype™ is active


The words “PC not available” will be replaced with “Charging” if
Skype™ is not active

As Skype™ allows one to make calls to any phones with purchase of SkypeOut credits,
I decided to take the plunge and purchase 10 Euros which is roughly around SGD$ 20.


Example of rates found in Skype™

I find the it is nearly impossible to input a contact into the phone directly
rather than using Skype™. As you can see from the handset picture, there is
actually no ‘+’ key. How am I supposed to be able to input international dialing
without the prefix ‘+’?

What I did was to save my contact into Skype™. The contact list in Skype™ will
actually be “synced” to the phone. Pressing the dial button with the word “PC” on it
will list out the contacts in Skype™.

Since using internet calls are cheap, I decided to call a friend who is using a
mobile in London and started yakking for about 37mins.


Skype™ charges


Local Singtel IDD 001

Singtel budget V019

Well, is VoIP cheap? I will leave this conclusion up to you. I wasn’t
surprised by the quality of the communication. I noticed there are lags in
between communication. It’s like my friend on the other side of the globe hears
what I mention a second or 2 later. This is somehow due to a bottleneck in the
bandwidth and not the phone itself. If it’s not better, it’s at least comparable to any
normal DECT phone out there.

Final Words

Pros Cons
  • VoIP and DECT capable

  • Plug & Dial

  • Free calls can be done to
    Skype™ users via Skype™

  • Big LCD display

  • Good Clarity

  • VoIP still not real time as
    there is a lag of 1 or 2 seconds

  • Need to have Skype™ to be
    able to use VoIP

  • Cannot call any other VoIP
    users except Skype™

  • USB cable cannot be unplug

  • Poor cosmetic design

  • Phone cannot be use if
    battery is flat even though phone is placed in base station

  • No ‘+’ key

  • Names or words would be
    truncated if it’s too long

The much hype about VoIP using Skype™ and how cheap it is was proven with
this phone. Although there are rooms for improvement for this phone, it served
its function as a good dual phone indeed. Now you can grab this phone in major
IT and Electronic stores around Singapore at S$ 208.

Overall Rating : 82 VRMarks!

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