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OSVR HDK2 now available in Singapore for all your VR needs

[caption id="attachment_114947" align="aligncenter" width="7360"] Image courtesy: Razer[/caption] Unless you are content with using smartphone-powered Virtual Reality, VR has been hard to come by in Singapore. HTC and Oculus have both not made any announcement about making their headsets available here. However, it might be too late for them now, as

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How will we classify Virtual Reality Content in Singapore?

Singapore has a track record of having a no-nonsense approach to video game classification and censorship. Although there have not been many games banned, before the 2008 implementation of Video Game classification it was a rather arbitrary affair. Remember, Half-Life was banned because of excessive violence for a week upon release. Mass Effect

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Remoria VR hoping to solve mobile VR’s long standing shortcoming

Virtual Reality headsets that plug into your computer are without any doubt superior to mobile versions. This is not a matter of taste, but simple fact. Better processing power, better memory, tethered VR headset just blow their mobile competitors out the water. In particular, VR headsets like the Oculus Rift

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WhatsApp might get desktop apps for Windows and OS X

https://twitter.com/WABetaInfo/status/726193771222827008 WhatsApp has seen immense success being a mobile-only messaging app, but to make things convenient for users the service was later brought to the web. Now, the Facebook-owned company might be working on desktop clients for Windows and OS X, according to screenshots revealed by a Twitter account that keeps

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Samsung’s rumored Surface Pro 3 contender listed at Zauba with 12-inch screen

No words on screen resolution or anything else really, just a “sample for testing & evaluation purpose” valued at the equivalent of $460. Way before Apple settled on experimenting with jumbo-sized tablets decidedly trudging on laptop turf instead of continuing to beat the dead 10-inch horse, Samsung challenged conventional, bulky

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