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How will we classify Virtual Reality Content in Singapore?

Singapore has a track record of having a no-nonsense approach to video game classification and censorship. Although there have not been many games banned, before the 2008 implementation of Video Game classification it was a rather arbitrary affair. Remember, Half-Life was banned because of excessive violence for a week upon release. Mass Effect

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Gran Turismo Sport (PS4 Exclusive) Pre-order Starts on the 30th of July

PlayStation®4's epic racing exclusive, “Gran Turismo Sport™” software (Chinese/English/Korean version) will be available in Standard Edition (SGD72.90), Limited Edition (SGD82.90), Collector’s Edition (SGD159.00) at retail store and Standard (SGD72.90) and Digital Deluxe Edition (SGD82.90) at PlayStation®Store from 15th November 2016 onwards. Pre-Order Perks Pre-ordering Gran Turismo in retail outlets will get

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