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NVIDIA Maxwell to be part of Project Denver

NVIDIA's biggest announcement at CES 2011 was undoubtedly Project Denver - NVIDIA's own "Fusion" product. Tegra General Manager, Mike Rayfield, has revealed that NVIDIA's Maxwell generation of GPUs will be used for the first end-product for Project Denver, in an interview with Hexus. Project Denver will also fuse an "extremely

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Intel to pay NVIDIA $1.5 Billion in Licensing Fees

NVIDIA Technology has announced that it will receive US$1.5 billion in licensing fees from Intel as part of a new patent cross-licensing agreement, which will span over a total of six years. Both companies have also come to the agreement to drop all legal disputes between them. (more…)

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EVGA exhibits NVIDIA Dual-GPU card

Ever before the release of GF100, a dual-GF100 product had been rumoured. The outrageous power consumption figures of the original GF100 meant a dual-GPU GF100 was unlikely, yet the rumour persisted, fueled by Galaxy and Mars exhibiting prototypes with exotic power solutions. However, no dual-GF100 made it to the market.

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NVIDIA announces GeForce 500M Series

NVIDIA has announced its response to much of AMD's Radeon HD 6000M series, in the form of "new" GeForce 500M notebook GPUs. The GeForce 400M has been around for barely a quarter, so no major improvements are expected. In fact, the first GeForce 500M cards are based on the same

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