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Google announces partner Chromebooks

Not entirely unexpected, Google's first Chromebook partners will be Acer and Samsung and both companies have a model that will go on sale in the US on the 15th of June. Surprisingly the two models are quite different in terms of not only in terms of features, but also cost. In

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14-inch ‘Macbook Air’ shows up in China

The Macbook Air may be one of the better looking notebooks available on the market today, but consumers who crave an Apple-branded, ultrathin notebook that features a screen size which is neither 11 inches or 13 inches are essentially out of luck. However, it would seem that such consumers will

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Lenovo and Intel launch the Classmate+ PC

Intel has been moving from partner to partner with its various iterations of the Classmate PC and now the company have signed up Lenovo as its partner for the latest model, the Classmate+ PC. It's still a very basic machine without a lot of bells and whistles, but as it's

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More than a million AMD Fusion chips shipped

  AMD's Fusion chips have been heatedly debated recently. The promise of higher performance with less heat, less power consumption and lower cost seems to have proven itself true, with AMD shipping over a million of these chips in less than six months of the product entering consumer markets. (more…)

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