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Jabra showcases new range of Bluetooth headsets

This afternoon, Jabra showcased their latest range of Bluetooth music products including Jabra Street2, Jabra Halo2 and Jabra Sport, as well as high-end Bluetooth headset, Jabra Supreme, in Singapore. The Jabra Halo2 and Street2 are already available, while the Jabra Sport and Jabra Supreme will be available in October. (more…)

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PhotoFast has unusual Apple accessories

At last year's Computex, PhotoFast showed off some prototypes and mock-ups of its first Apple accessories and although the company back then was focused on SSDs, it's now shifting over to do more and more Apple accessories. The difference between PhotoFast and the other 10 million or so companies that

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Esoterism : Apple Style at its Best

During one of the hectic days at COMPUTEX last week, our attention was captured by a rather special booth that had paints poured all over. Upon further investigation, it is actually a relatively young Taiwanese startup known as Esoterism who specialises in making accessories for Apple products. Not just ordinary accessories but

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