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LG V20 Review

LG’s smartphones in recent years are nothing short of novel. The LG G5 and its modular design, although having received mixed response, has no doubt set the pace for the development of modular smartphones in the market. The next flagship, the LG V20, that’s built more for media junkies, seems

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OPPO Launches Hi-Res WiFi Speakers and High-Fidelity Portable Amp

Oppo is launching 2 new products, the HA-2 Special Edition portable headphone amplifier and the Sonica Wi-Fi speaker tomorrow at the Sound & Sight Exhibition 2016. The HA-2 Special Edition (RRP S$479) is a portable headphone amplifier. This updated variant of the award-winning HA-2 amplifier bypasses the smartphone’s built-in DAC and headphone amplification circuit in

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