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CLIK Wireless Earbuds Wants to Smash Language Barriers

CLIK from Mymanu is an ambitious project that aims to break down language barriers everywhere, by translating voice conversations in real time. The concept is much like Star Trek's Universal Translator, only more visually stunning, and much, much smaller. In a nutshell, CLIK Wireless Earbuds works with a smartphone App (iOS/Android) to function

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JBL Reflect Mini BT Review

[caption id="attachment_115878" align="aligncenter" width="4617"] By Zayne Seah[/caption]   JBL has carved out an incredible name for itself in the audio industry. Its portable speakers and earphones, are one of the most reliable ones you can find out there in the industry nowadays. The JBL Reflect Mini BT, is no exception.

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Jaybird Freedoms Review: Powerful but Costly

The Jaybird Freedom, might just be what you need to grab alongside your latest iPhone 7 that has decided to ditch the headphone jack. These sports bluetooth earphones are tiny compared to their predecessors and are geared toward giving you a sweat-proof and foolproof workout Design and Fit [caption id="attachment_115272"

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Mee Audio M9B Bluetooth Earphone Review

Mee Audio has released the Bluetooth M9B in Singapore awhile back. Having worked with Mee Audio for awhile, I can safely say that Mee Audio is one of the few brands of earphones in Singapore that produce fairly decent audio products at a rather affordable price. So how does their

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