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ASUS HD7850 DirectCU II TOP Review

Earlier this month we reviewed the (paper launched) reference AMD Radeon HD 7850, which shares the same PCB as the higher end HD 7870. Back then we also felt that the stock performance was lackluster and our review sample had almost zero overclockability. Coming to stores next week, ASUS's custom pre-overclocked HD7850

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ASUS Xonar Essence One Review

In a market flooded with muddy onboard audio codecs and laughable "multi-core" DSP effects devoid of actual audio fidelity, ASUS is thankfully one of those companies who have invested quality engineering with the intent of the faithful reproduction of PC audio. Today we take a look at their flagship S$699

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A quick look at the P8Z77-V range from Asus

At the launch of the 7-series chipset Asus is expected to have three different P8Z77-V models ready, the P8Z77-V, P8Z77-V Pro and P8Z77-V Deluxe. The differences between the three models are fairly subtle, yet there's enough difference that any potential buyer will have to pick carefully to get the right

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