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The Soul of Apple, celebrated in print.

20 years in the making, this book is Apple's celebration of what Steve Jobs referred to as, 'The intersection of Technology and the Arts'. And it's so limited, you can't even buy it in Singapore! 'Designed by Apple in California' is a coffee-table book lovingly printed in custom paper and

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The Future of Transport

Cars used to be the traditional means of transportation. Driving cars, seemed to be the norm. However, the last couple of years has shown us that although cars aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s going to be joined by electric vehicles, automated cars, advanced subway systems and pooling services. If

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B&O PLAY Launches Beoplay A2 Active

    B&O, the leading audio company in today's tech industry has launched the A2 Active, a new addition to its robust line of portable speaker. Coming in at 1.1kg, the A2 Active isn't a light device, but it comes with a luxurious leather strap to make carrying it around

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