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Tablet to help elderly remember the pills, and more

Good news for the elderly and memory-challenged has arrived in the form of the Memo Touch tablet, a repackaged version of Archos 101. The new tablet allows family members to assist and guide their elderly family members across the day with reminders and daily task updates from the Internet. 

We’ve seen tablets for specific groups of people from business-oriented users to children, but it seems a new flavor has just emerged. The Memo Touch, a device derived from the Archos 101, is a new tablet for the elderly.

Our senior citizens will be able to benefit from its ability to keep track of their daily lives through consistent but gentle reminders to visit the doctor or consume medicine, amongst other medically related tasks or appointments, while family members can update the calendar, phone numbers, to-do notes and share photos or messages remotely from a browser-based interface which is connected to the company website.  It is available at US$299 (S$384) but requires a subscription to the website which comes in a six-month plan of US$174 (S$223) or a twelve-month package of US$300 (S$385). Luckily, an inclusive three month satisfaction policy ensures that customer can choose to refund the tablet or restore it to the default Google Android platform.

While it appears a little pricey, this system is a good step into discovering ways to take better care of our parents with maximum convenience.


Source: Engadget

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