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T-Mobile CEO blasts competition over what he calls bulls**t pricing

CEO John Legere of T-Mobile recently sent a message to his company’s competition telling them to “stop the bulls**t” subsidy pricing model and long term contracts that lock in a customer for 2 years or more.

John Legere, who serves as CEO of T-Mobile really hit the message home at an event that was held in New York City for T-mobile.  He told the audience that T-Mobile’s competitors were overcharging customers with their pricing plans. 

In his no apologies speech, Legere said the competition was only helpful with their customers just before they lock them in every 23 months.  “This is the biggest crock of sh** I've ever heard in my entire life," he shouted. "Do you have any idea how much you're paying?"  

T-Mobile is aggressively trying to reshape their image and how customers are treated in regards to pricing plans.  While most cellular providers want to focus on locking a customer into a contract, T-Mobile wants to take the approach from the customer’s point of view.  

“Everyone hates contracts,” Legere shouts.  When promoting T-Mobile’s new LTE network he told the audience that if someone felt the company wasn’t in par with that they promised, they had the right to simply drop them and go with another provider.

“These bold moves serve notice that T-Mobile is canceling its membership in the out-of-touch wireless club,” Legere said in a recent press release.“This is an industry filled with ridiculously confusing contracts, limits on how much data you can use or when you can upgrade, and monthly bills that make little sense. As America’s Un-carrier, we are changing all of that and bringing common sense to wireless.”

T-Mobile is far behind their competitors, particularly with AT&T and Verizon, who have offered LTE service for about two years now, and Sprint having the service for about a year.   

The 4G LTE network was officially launched this past Tuesday March 26, offering the service to Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, and the Washington DC metro area.   The company says they will be providing approximately 100 million people with LTE by July of this year, and two times that number by the end of 2013.  The new rate plan now being offered allows customers unlimited data, talk and text for 70 dollars (U.S.) per month with no contract agreement to sign.

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