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Synology DSM 5.0 launches January 16th, brings a host of new features

Version 5.0 of Synology’s DiskStation Manager brings ingrained cloud functionality along with a brand-new UI.

Synology DSM

Synology DSM is an operating system that is used in all Synology NAS machines. It comes with a variety of features that allow users to sync, stream and share files across devices. Synology is getting ready to launch the fifth version of DSM, which brings more cloud services as well as a new UI and feature-set.


Let’s start off with the user interface. The redesigned icons look much better on a Retina, 4K or full-HD screen.  User navigation has also been tweaked to better facilitate users on a touchscreen. Synology’s QuickConnect service, which allows you to assign an ID to your network address without the need to change router settings, gets additional functionality in version 5.0. You now have the ability to access your NAS from anywhere in the world through a customized URL. This URL is saved in the MyDS Center settings, so if you should ever forget your custom URL, you can go into MyDS and retrieve it.

In DSM 5.0, you can create shared folders and set custom permissions to different users based on the need. DSM 5.0 also comes with a built-in text editor that allows for easier editing of documents, along with the ability to share files directly to social networks.

Synology’s Cloud Station is the default tool for syncing files from your DiskStation NAS to other devices. The Cloud Station client needs to be installed on machines that need to be synced. DSM 5.0 allows a Cloud Station client to connect simultaneously to more than one DiskStation, and has file version history and easy sharing tools.

Synology Cloud Sync

Synology is introducing a Cloud Sync feature in DSM 5.0, and as the name suggests, you would be able to sync data from cloud services providers like Google Drive, SkyDrive, Baidu and others.

DSM 5.0 also brings a host of new features in the multimedia section, with the Photo Station package now coming the ability to nest albums within one another. Video Station comes with better thumbnails, and you can use your own images as thumbnails or allow Video Station to fetch metadata information from the Internet for all the movies in your catalogue. Video Station also has one-click sharing to YouTube.

Synology’s DS Video and DS Audio mobile clients allow you to stream video and audio directly to your TV via Chromecast. DS Video is also now available on all Samsung Smart TVs. A new version of DS File is on the way, and will launch alongside DSM 5.0. DS File allows you to access your documents on your mobile device, and comes with a more advanced search and preview mode.

DSM 5.0 for business also sees a host of changes. There is a new Central Management System that can remotely monitor and administer changes across a network. It includes Smart Hub, a utility that checks server health, availability and resource utilization from a single interface. Smart Management is a utility that allows network admins to install DSM securely on various servers at once.

Along with managing and configuring servers, Synology is adding features like data protection, load balancing and scale-out functionalities to businesses that handle large volumes of data.

DSM 5.0 is currently in beta, with a launch set for January 16th.

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