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Symantec Releases Cybercrime Report, Launches Norton Internet Security 2011

Do you believe that the online world is a safe place to be? If so, you might want to revise your perception of cyberspace. In a press conference held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel on September 9, Symantec released a report revealing that 70% of Singapore’s Internet-using population have fallen victim to cybercrime. The company also launched its new Norton Internet Security 2011 software.

Have you ever been a victim of cybercrime? If so, you are not alone. Contrary to what people may think, Singapore is no more secure than any other country when it comes to online security lapses, especially if one takes into account the results of Norton’s latest security report.

Started in April this year by Symantec and commissioned by research company The Leading Edge, the results of the report paint a very grim picture about the prevalence of cybercrime in the country. According to the Norton Cybercrime Report, as many as 70% of Singaporeans have been a victim of various acts of cybercrime. These can range from getting infected by computer viruses, malware, credit card fraud or identity theft.

However, the report also reveals that, in spite of the high percentage of Singaporeans affected, four in 10 victims have never fully resolved the cybercrime. This has led to Symantec’s Internet Safety Advocate and Consumer Business Head, Effendy Ibrahim, labeling the situation as a “silent digital epidemic”.

“Why do we say it is an epidemic? Because 70% of Singaporeans… confessed to having been a victim of cybercrime, and only 12% said they were confident that they would never be a victim,” he said. “If you imagine a room full of people, it means that 70% of the people have been robbed by a criminal,and yet it is not taken very seriously.”

Ibrahim also described how cyber-criminals prey on the ‘human aspect’ of victims, giving examples such as how some Singaporeans (26%) felt it was acceptable to download applications or media files without paying for them. These situations serve as ideal hideouts for such cyber-criminals, who make use of the illegal distribution of software to release damaging malware out in the wild.

“Places which distribute these free stuff are the top sources for malicious software to find their way to a PC,’ he said.

Symantec also unveiled its new Norton AntiVirus 2011 and Norton Internet Security 2011, which it believes has what it takes to further protect innocent people from becoming victims of cybercrime.

Claimed by Symantec to have achieved top scores recent tests by both AV-Tests.org and AV-Comparatives, the new Norton 2011 comes with various features designed for both protection and performance. 

Speaking at the product launch was Symantec Regional Consumer Product Marketing for Asia Pacific, David Hall, who talked about the new features available in Norton Internet Security 2011.

Some of the new features in Norton Internet Security 2011 include Reputation Based Security for scanning the origin of potentially destructive software, a system process monitor (System Insight) for better resource management and Sonar 3, a community-based protection tool.

He also spoke about the growing importance of online security for PCs, and how Symantec has managed to continue delivering the best tools for consumers.

“We have made available tools such as Norton Power Eraser, a software specially made to remove scareware and fake antivirus programs, for free,” he said.

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