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‘Swing Copters’, aka Vertical ‘Flappy Bird’, making its comeback, er, debut this week

Defying all the haters that dubbed his work a one-hit wonder affair, “Flappy Bird” phenomenon creator Dong Nguyen is back with an original new product (yeah, right), called “Swing Copters” and featuring basically the exact same gameplay as the erstwhile aviary gold mine.

Swing Copters

It may feel like a hundred years ago now, but the incredible rise and abrupt fall of hyper-addictive, uber-difficult “Flappy Bird” all went down a few months back. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, you played it, you played it hard.

Some of you might still play it today, as regardless of that darned bird’s “death”, it lingered on devices that had it installed at departure time. Not to mention the web offered plenty of alternative ways to get the retro-looking game, plus hundreds and hundreds of clones.

The clone army is set to grow by one this Thursday, on the 21st, according to an exclusive scoop from Touch Arcade, the only difference being “Swing Copters” will be an “official” rip-off. I mean, sequel. I mean, homage. Jeez, this is confusing.

Technically, the sole connection between the iOS App Store’s upcoming title and last spring’s smash hit is the developer’s name. Only Dong Nguyen isn’t known for its design skills or innovative qualities, so after inspiring “Flappy Bird” from… everywhere, he seems to have basically done the same with “Swing Copters”.

Take “Flappy Bird”, change the protagonist to… a little propeller head guy (yes, really), crank up the difficulty (yes, really), flip the game vertically and, voila, here’s “Swing Copters”. But you know what the sad thing is? I so want to beat the above tester’s high score of five that I’ll probably install this first thing Thursday morning.

Three hours later, I’ll likely be doing exactly what I did after my first heavy “Flappy Bird” gaming session. Celebrate high score of six, drink my brains out, contemplate worthlessness of life, cry, repeat. Thanks, Dong Nguyen, for keeping your promise of never releasing a “Flappy Bird” sequel. You’re the man.

Source: Touch Arcade

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