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Swiftech H20-120 Compact Water-Cooling Kit

To crank up the heat-load, the same tests were carried out at overclocked
setting of 3.66GHz and 1.45v, Quad Cores loaded. 1.45v is by no means
little v-core when you’re talking about a Quad Core and 4 instances of CPU-Burn!

Now we see that with the bigger heat-load, the H20-120 cools the 4 cores down
20C to 27C cooler on each core! The difference when the heat-load
goes up is really amazing, and for a compact water-cooling kit, the Swiftech
H20-120 is definitely impressive! I wanted to try the heat-load of 3.66GHz and
1.55v but apparently, the Scythe Infinity is overwhelmed by this heat-load
already as the system immediately crashed when I opened up the fourth instance
of CPU-Burn. Based on these figures, I’m quite sure this will readily beat any
air-cooler out in the market right now when you apply this type of heat-load on

Of course, you may not expect it to beat a custom-built setup with a beefy 2
x120mm Radiator, a fancy waterblock and a strong pump. But this is not meant to
compete in that arena. This kit has proven itself to offer one of the best
Convenience-Performance Index – meaning that the amount of performance you get
for the amount of effort put in set-up is humongous. This should come as a
delight for anyone who’s fretting over cooling performance and yet wary to take
the plunge into water-cooling due to effort involved, space constraints, or
money investment. This contraption is certainly worth it’s salt and the claims
it make are not exaggerated – Water Cooling has never been this easy!

88 VR Marks for this Great Product!

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