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Swiftech H20-120 Compact Water-Cooling Kit

The high-light is definitely the Swiftech Apogee Drive

Swiftech has designed the hose barbs to be located at a corner, so that one
may be able to keep the tubes tidier, and also position the block in at least
one orientation that will avoid the tubes hitting heat-pipes and what nots on
your motherboard. This is possible since the block will mount in any direction,
such that the hose barbs can be chosen to face any of the corners of your CPU
socket. Why the barbs face outwards diagonally I guess would be to provide a
gentler bend in the tubings as one positions the radiator at the common 120mm
exhaust hole at the rear of one’s case.

It is copper-based, thankfully. Comes with a transparent plastic wrapper
protecting the base form scratches.

A mirror smooth base finish so one cannot complain.

The mounting of the block onto your Processor is a very simple step, and it
shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to accomplish. There is a metal
back-plate that one place at the back of your motherboard – yes you have to
remove your motherboard from your case – and this contacts the mainboard in the
center through an electrically insulative but thermally conductive pad.

You just pick the orientation fo your waterblock, and screw it on via 4
screws already integrated into the 4 feet of waterblock. As easy as installing a
heatsink for this portion.

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