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Surface Pro should be available within the next few weeks

People not wanting to smash their piggy bank for the Surface RT won’t have to wait much longer for the Surface Pro.

Microsoft is in need of some help as sales of its Surface RT tablet are still sluggish.  The Surface Pro, however, may help to boost the Surface brand because it’s much more powerful than its ARM-based counterpart.

According to MS, the Surface Pro is due for arrival in early 2013, starting at $899 for the 64GB model and $999 for the 128GB model.  People holding out for the Pro version won’t have to wait much longer as Panos Panay, GM of MS’s Surface Division, recently tweeted that the first batch of Surface Pro should arrive in the next couple weeks.

The Surface Pro comes with an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5, a 1920×1080 display, the full version of Windows 8, and the ability to run legacy applications.

MS launched its Surface RT in late October, and assured consumers that the Pro version will arrive about three months thereafter.  The time window MS gave us is quickly closing, so people should be able to begin putting in orders for the Surface Pro come February.

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