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Surface Pro 3 broken? Looks like it will be impossible to fixit

iFixit gives Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 a 1 out of 10, meaning it’s virtually impossible to fix.

Surface Pro 3

The idea of having some user serviceable parts inside electronic devices — particularly tablets, smartphones and laptops — is a popular one. After all, accidents do happen and it may be more economical to repair a damaged part of a device rather than replace the whole thing.

Some devices are easily fixable. iFixit, a blog that you’ve all heard of dedicated to ranking the fixability of devices, gives top marks to devices like the Nexus 5 and Kindle Fire for being highly fixable — users need not worry if they need to do simple repairs on the device. Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3, however, seems to be the exact opposite — giving it a 1 out of 10 for repairability and describing it as having “severely limited upgradeability and repairability”.



“Microsoft went to great lengths to make the Surface Pro 3 super portable, thinning it down from the Pro 2’s 0.53 inches to a mere 0.35 inches thick — but it seems the thinner glass does not bode well for ruggedness or repair,” iFixit wrote in the teardown analysis.

But this doesn’t make the Surface Pro 3 all that dissimilar from its predecessors: the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 are some of the lowest ranked devices on iFixit’s tablet chart, ranking slightly below Apple’s iPads.

Source: iFixit


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