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Super Street Fighter IV Review


Story cutscenes were miserably short and simple in-game but hey, it is a versus fighter game. Having said that, the overall completeness was pretty cut off on this edge due to the lack of storytelling. Xbox 360 owners will rejoice though as they will have a bonus animation that focuses on the new character Juri.

As I do not have a Xbox 360 copy to confirm, sources have mention that this is available to Japanese Xbox360 owners only.


Fighting is still as extensive and exciting with the boost of new characters adding into the array of fun. Single player challenges you in a arcade style fighting, unlocking extra colors and taunts with every character you chose. The final boss is Seth again, but if you achieve several perfects and certain condition requisites, you get a extra stage of fighting against Shin Akuma (Gouki in Japan) or Shin Gouken.

The good old car bashing and barrel smashing returns as bonus stages although you can turn it off after one play-through of the arcade mode. I wouldn’t touch too much on the gameplay mechanics as it is more or less the same; similar old Super Combo Gauge that lets you pull off EX moves and supers. Each character have two Ultras, which you are free to select one and execute it when your Revenge Gauge reaches a certain level.

Network mode had received an almost complete overhaul to its predecessor, you will gain “Player Points” for victories in online contests and lose them when you’re defeated. However, you’ll also be rewarded with Battle Points allocated to a rating for the specific fighter you’re using. This allows experimentation of new characters while not affecting your main character’s Battle Point during Ranked Online tournaments.

Here is an example, you are good at the character, Ryu, you rake a whole bunch of Battle Points for Ryu and accumulated Player Points as well. You decided to try Juri and you lost. You will lose Player Points but your main character (Ryu)’s Battle Points are not affected.

Apart from this enhancement, the new addition of Endless and Team Battles add in more fun. Endless pits a room of players where gameplay goes by “Winner stays, Losers Out” style of gameplay.

The loser will lose his turn and goes to the last of the queue while passing on the slot to the next player, all players in the room will get to spectate the match while it happens.

Team Battles will allow for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 setups where players take turns beating each other up to see which group has the most talent. VOIP is integrated in-game where you can chat with fellow players, of course, the option to mute them is there too.

Replay Channels have been greatly improved. Wait, channels? Indeed, replays are now very well organised into channels. See a good replay ? you can save it as well.

What is missing ? Championship mode. It was a free DLC back then but this loss have been compensated with the Endless and Team Battles.

In addition, Capcom will be launching a Tournament Mode made available for free on June 15th, 2010 as a download that’ll include support for 4 or 8 person bracket tournaments. Man, this really reminds me of the modes you see in Super Street Fighter II for my mega drive 2.

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