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Super Retro Boy is a Game Boy Reincarnation

Remember those says when you blew into your old game boy cartridges whenever they failed to work after plugging them into your good ol’ Gameboy, those were the days weren’t they?  If you have a couple of your old cartridges sitting there and collecting dust, it’s time to be psyched. The company,  Retro-Bit has built the Super Retro Bo, a 2017 version of the old Nintendo Game Boy. It was displayed at CES 2017 and the working prototype, seemed pretty promising.on

The Super Retro Boy is not just an imitation of the Game Boy. The hardware highly resembles the Game Boy, to capture the consumer’s attention and invoke a sense of nostalgia, but it has actually made some serious improvements. For instance, it now holds a 10-hour internal battery alongside a backlit display for you to game all night. It will be capable of playing all the games which your original Game Boy can handle, alongside your Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridges.

A spokesperson for Retro-Bit said this the origin of the Super Retro Boy. It was actually all about video game console licensing. When the licenses expire, similar consoles can be built. So it gave room for Retro-Bit to work on its very own portable console which could utilise Game Boy games.

The Super Retro Boy will be available in 2 colours, black or white and will come at a price of US$80. You can expec the Retro-Bit  to ship it in August 2017.

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