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Sugoi Mop cleans as you play with it, and vice versa

The Omoshiro RC Sugoi Mop is a new generic tech item in Japan that lets anyone control and clean with the mop remotely using a wireless controller. 


Automated cleaning robots like Roomba may look high-tech and all, but wouldn't some of us just want to take command of the cleaning schedule once in a while? Of course, it'd be boring if we are to do it in the same old way, so we'll call in a new Japanese gadget to make things just a bit more interesting.

The (Omoshiro RC) Sugoi Mop is, as you can see, a mop that can be controlled via remote controller. You can let it sweep across the room, taking care of floor messes while you stay at a comfy position without moving a single inch. We know, the concept kind of looks a bit tedious compared to automated robots, but it can be actually fun, just try imagining the entire living room as a race track of some sort while using it.

The product is actually marketed as a double-purpose cleaning tool designed to "let kids help with the household chores while still being able to play". We don't know if this would really be effective in making your kids clean the house or not, but it is quite interesting to see an object like this scooting and cleaning around the floor while someone is happily controlling it at the comfort of their bed or sofa.

Optionally users can attach the mop to its main body, so that you can use it as an ordinary…err, mop. You can also clean the mop easily because the cleaning material portion itself is removable (meaning no risk in damaging its electronic components in water).

The item is available in Japanese online shops for 1550 yen (16.5 USD).

Source: Livedoor News, via ITMedia (JP)

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