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Students being warned online boasting could hurt them

There was once a time when the old adage of kids will be kids meant just that and that once they started into their adult years they would smarten up and almost have a fresh start. Not so anymore thanks to social networks and their natural ability to do stupid things being forever available for all to see on the Internet.

It seems that the undergraduates at Swansea University are becoming the poster children of a new wave of kids boasting about their binge drinking and sexual escapades on web sites set up specifically for that reason. These new social networking sites are encouraging students to tell the world about their "most disgusting, hilarious and embarrassing" moments.

The problem with this type of disclosure, however, says the university chiefs and student union is that all this information could potentially find its way into the hands of potential employers. As well, students could face disciplinary action from the university as well as being faced with defamation suits from others.

In a joint statement the university registrar, Raymond Ciborowski, and Student Union president Tom Upton where they said that they were extremely concerned about the nature and content of the site pages. Furthermore, they feared that such irresponsibility could damage their future employment prospects since companies are increasingly searching the Internet for information on applicants.

These types of "student confession pages" have become increasingly popular lately and even though many have been shut down by universities undergraduates continue to post their wild exploits having broken free of the confines of home.

via Telegraph

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