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Stuck in 2D: Xbox One won’t support 3D Blu-Ray Playback at launch

Small but still appreciable, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has now get yet another technical advantage over the Xbox One ahead of both’s imminent launch.

xbox one vs ps4 box art

After some vague hints towards the subject in May at the unveiling of the console, Director of Xbox Programming Larry Hyrb has now confirmed that the Xbox One – set to hit shelves on November 22nd – will not have 3D Blu-Ray playback support meaning your fancy 3DTV and collection of 3D Blu-Ray movies will useless until Microsoft adds support in a future update. Xbox fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed until that happens.

This can be considered as quite a big blow to the device which promises to be an “all-in-one entertainment center,” especially since Sony has already announced that not only will the PS4 include 3D Blu-Ray video playback capability but also support 3D-gameplay, as 3D-ready games become available. PlayStation supporters can count this as yet another small triumph over the Xbox One, whose unveiling was greeted with much negativity by the gaming community due to policies involving online connectivity requirements, mandatory integration with Kinect 2.0, restrictions on trading and sharing of used games and a higher price than its direct competitors.

Microsoft has since decided to withdraw these policies, but the Xbox One has ever since remained a step behind the PS4. This latest development is sure to disappoint all 3D movie enthusiasts who are waiting to buy the Xbox One, while a few such fans might just consider giving the PS4 another look, which has received far better feedback from critics and publications around the web.

Source: CNET

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