A video showing a fictional Street Fighter themed taxi service with mention of the Playstation 4 is making the rounds on youtube.


Here’s a head scratcher for you. What do you get when you combine Street Fighter, the PS4, and a taxi service? That’s the question on everyone’s mind after this video went viral on youtube.

After showing a (sadly) fictional cab service dubbed ‘Hadouken Cabs’, the video shows a brief glimpse of the Dualshock 4, along with the hashtag #4ThePlayers, which is clearly a nod to the Playstation 4. But what does it all mean? Internet sleuths have been trying to crack the code, with little progress made so far. In between all the Youtube comments with expletives and question marks, some users have pointed out some interesting details.

The phone number in the trailer is a date – Aug 30, 1987 – which was the release date for the original Street Fighter. The website of the taxi service shown will give you an option to talk to an operator. However, the audio clip that plays after that just cranks up the crazy level and raises even more questions. Both Capcom and Sony are keeping tight-lipped about whatever this trailer may be pointing to.

Could it mean a Crazy Taxi/Street Fighter mashup? Probably not. Perhaps more information about this intriguing trailer will become available in the coming days.