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Still no release date for Gingerbread update on HTC’s Desire

Just when you thought all is nice and well with HTC and the world now that the company has confirmed that it will indeed be updating its Desire smartphone with version 2.3 of the Android operating system (aka Gingerbread), out comes Murphy with his ominous Law, and it seems that not even a company like HTC can run away from it. And the result? Well, Gingerbread will still come to the Desire, but at a future, unspecified date.

Sixteen days ago, HTC made headlines when it first announced that its Desire smartphone, which was released for retail last year, would not be getting Gingerbread  due to it lacking the amount of memory needed to faciliate such an update, only to reverse its stand two days later by claiming that the company will trim the ROM down to a more manageable size by cutting some apps out of the release. Needless to say, HTC's sudden about turn resulted in smiles and joy from its consumer base.

However, it seems that HTC is having some trouble with making up its mind on when it will be ready to release its Gingerbread update for the Desire. Apparently, the Taiwanese smartphone OEM 's original plan, as claimed in its Facebook posting, was that users could expect to receieve information about the rollout timeframe for the update "early this week". That is fine and all, except that we are fast approaching the week's end, and HTC has done little more than release another announcement claiming that the Gingerbread ROM for the Desire is currently undergoing tests, and that an update on availability will be made in due time.

Not surprisingly, HTC's latest announcement is not sitting well with many Desire owners who were expecting to receieve a proper roadmap or schedule of how the Taiwanese smartphone OEM is progressing with the update, and when the ROM could be expected to make its way into their handsets. Indeed, a quick look at some of the comments left behind by some Desire owners have revealed that HTC's customers are starting to lose patience with the company, and that some have already taken the plunge by ditching their Desires for a more up-to-date smartphone, or going the custom ROM route.

That being said, we have to admit that HTC's customers do have a point. After all, it was HTC which put the ball in its court when it announced its plans to release a rollout timeframe for its Gingerbread update early this week, an act which it had failed to fulfill in spectacular fashion. Still, if it is of any consolation, HTC's new announcement does confirm that the Gingerbread update for its Desire smartphones is real, and that it will eventually be released to Desire owners for download. All that is missing now is the "when" part of the equation. Which, unfortunately for HTC, is the part which consumers are really only interested in.

Source: HTC Facebook page via The Inquirer

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