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Steve Jobs To Appear In WWDC, Rumors Aplenty

Apple’s WWDC 10 is around the corner, an annual event that will start on June 7 to 11 10pm Pacific Time (1am June 8th Singapore Time)

Rumors are aplenty folks..hop on

Update: Looks like we hit it right from guessing the name. The new iPhone is iPhone 4. Check out WWDC 10 iPhone 4 highlights here

Apple’s WWDC 10 is around the corner,
an annual event that will start on June 7 to 11th.

Attendees can also download (login required) the WWDC 10 app for their iPhone or iPad to check out the latest information.

Steve Jobs will making his keynote in the event on June 7th 10pm Pacific Time (1am
June 8th Singapore Time), who wants to make a guess on what is going to be announced.

C’mon, it isn’t that tough.

The Next iPhone
The most exciting news that folks are looking forward is the announcement of the next iPhone. What will it be called? Could it be iPhone HD ? iPhone 4G ? iPhone 3G X or perhaps just the iPhone 4 ?

With phone photos popping up in countries and speculations of specifications floating around, it will be more than a surprise if Jobs pull off a different looking model in the event.

There are just too many possibilities, will video conferencing with a front camera finally become a reality ?

What do you think this next-gen phone is going to be called ?

iPhone OS 4

Jobs announced the upcoming iPhone OS, showing off a lineup of features and improvements to be included in iPhone OS 4.

It is very possible that some kind of announcement will be made as developers have gotten hold of the beta release quite a while. How will this new OS relate with the next iPhone.

The hype is there.

Safari 5

There are also possibilities with Steve Jobs announcing Safari 5 as 9to5Mac reports that Safari 5 will be launched in WWDC, introducing a slew of improvements relating to performance, usability and better support for HTML 5.

A new feature “Safari Reader” will also be integrated which is in general a RSS reader, Bing! will also be included as one of the search engines along with Google and Yahoo!

Having said all this, what do you readers think that will be announced in WWDC 10 ?

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