The biography of Steve Jobs was released in fall of 2011, merely a couple of months after he passed away. After almost two years the publisher of his biography, Simon & Schuster, has announced that the paperback edition will be released on 10th September. This edition comes with a different cover shot of Steve Jobs.


The hardback edition of Steve Jobs biography had a black and white photo of this legendary Apple CEO which was taken by Albert Watson in 2006. The photo itself is very popular, however the paperback edition will come with a photo taken by Norman Seeff in 1984. While both photos bear a striking resemblance to each other, both include Jobs’ intense gaze and thumb on the chin, they clearly show two different eras of his life. In 1984 photo was taken the year Apple launched Macintosh, where’s the 2006 was taken shortly before Apple would take the world by storm with its first iPhone. We can also clearly see how much of a difference Steve’s health troubles made in his overall physical appearance.


The hardback edition of this biography became one of the fastest best selling books on Amazon back in 2011. It reportedly sold over 379,000 copies in the first week alone. This is going to be the first time that the paperback edition of Steve Jobs biography is going to be released. They’ve not revealed the price as yet, but its expected to be somewhere in the $20 range.

Source: [AllThingsD]