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StarHub announces availability of new mobile phone which recharges itself via solar energy

Anybody who has served, or is currently serving their National Service will be fully aware of how much of a pain it is to hunt for a mobile phone which lacks a built-in camera unit and boasts a battery which is capable of extremely long uptimes on a single charge, especially since some camps still forbid their servicemen from bringing in their battery chargers. And leave it to StarHub with what is probably the best solution for such people, and it comes in the form of iNO Mobile's phone known as the SOLO which can allegedly charge itself via solar power. Wait, say what?

Choosing a proper mobile phone for National Service is never easy; in addition to the almost unreasonable requirement of getting a handset that does not sport a built-in camera module, the device also need to boast an extremely long battery life, as some military camps today still enforce the rule of not allowing servicemen to bring their mobile phone chargers with them, due to various reasons.

So what is a poor serviceman to do in the face of such restrictions? Well, thanks to StarHub, the answer is now as easy as pie, and it comes in the form of a new mobile phone from iNO Mobile known as the SOLO, which is reportedly capable of meeting the aforementioned restrictions, and then some.

According to a press release issued by StarHub, the SOLO is designed to be an entry-level, affordable feature mobile phone that would appeal to military personnel and outdoor adventurers, a trait which StarHub attributes to the use of a solar charging battery in the SOLO. The company claims that users only have to place the rugged phone in an area which receieves a healthy amount of sunlight for the SOLO to recharge its lithium battery, with 24 hours being the magic number needed to attain a complete charge. In addition, StarHub has confirmed that the SOLO boasts an uptime of up to 200 hours when idle, or up to 200 minutes of talktime.

In order to protect itself against the unintentional hard knocks and drops that are bound to happen in military life, StarHub has claimed that the SOLO will feature an Army-Green rubberise casing which protects the phone from such trauma, while further securing it against other hazzards such as splashes and dust.. Last but definitely not least, the SOLO will come equipped with a 1.8” LED screen with 65K colours, a mini-torchlight for night activities and an FMradio.

Sounds interesting? Well, if you think that the SOLO will make a good mobile phone for your NS needs (or your son's NS needs, for that matter), we have got an additional piece of good news as well; StarHub has confirmed that the SOLO will be retailing at the relatively low price of S$99 with any one-year StarHub Mobile post-paid plan (exceptPowerValue 80) and can be purchased from all StarHub Shops and selected Exclusive Partners' outlets islandwide from 9 July onwards.

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