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Star Wars 1313 is coming this year to PS3

Star Wars 1313, a game believed by many to be one of the first of the next generation of games, will have a 2013 release date for Playstation 3, according to Sony's German site.

Star Wars 1313 was one of the big debuts during last year's E3, where the audience was wowed by the game's impressive, seemingly next gen graphics and darker, grittier view of the Star Wars universe. Described by the developers as a more mature Star Wars game, many believed that 1313 would be released in the next console generation, and that we wouldn't be seeing it any time soon.

Particle and lighting effects, such as the embers in this image, are one of the reasons a lot of people thought the graphics had to be next gen


Sony's German Facebook site however, has released a surprising revelation. Along with concept art and screenshots which have been previously released, Sony posted a statement saying that not only would we see the game this year, but it will be released for the PlayStation 3. This isn't entirely surprising, as regardless of how good looking it may be, the game is built on the current gen Unreal 3 engine.


If you have yet to check out 1313's gameplay, here's a sample:

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