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Stand Back, There Is A Dell Streak(er) Coming Through

Now that the the smartphone and the slate-PC market is chock-full with offerings from all kinds of OEMs keen to get a slice of the rapidly-dwindling pie, what is an OEM like Dell to do in such a late stage of the competition? That’s right: you take the best aspects of both devices, combine them into a smartphone-tablet hybrid and create your own unique market for such a device. And this is exactly what Dell has done: the American OEM has just announced the availability of its new Dell Streak pocket tablet in a media conference held at Customs House today.

Approximately four months ago, we posted a news article claiming that Dell was in the midst of preparing a 5-inch tablet for a global launch. However, it appeared that the American OEM had apparently leaked out a little too much information, which resulted in many people believing that the mystery Dell tablet was due for late July or early August launch. As a result, Dell had to release an official announcement claiming that their tablet will not see the light of the day for least a few more months,

Now that the aforementioned ‘few more months’ have passed, it seems that Dell had indeed kept their promise after all. After four months of waiting, the new Dell Streak pocket tablet is finally streaking its way into the local market. And the good news? It will be commercially available on 11 December, just in time for the Christmas spending period, and will be sold exclusively through local telco StarHub.

Present at the launch event was Dell Asia-Pacific General Manager Ian Campbell-Banks, who spoke about how users are currently experiencing the effects of the disruptive technology known as handheld computing.

“We are now two years into what is probably the biggest disruption in technology in thirty years: the mobile broadband internet. The mobile broadband market is seeing exponential growth, and the sale of smartphones have increased to the point where they have overtaken the sales of PCs,” he said.

Campbell-Banks predicted that rapid technology advances will soon mean that smart devices such as smartphones and slates are poised to replace existing feature phones and ultraportable notebooks. He also claimed that the transition will be anything but smooth, as suppliers will have difficulty producing enough hardware to meet consumer demand.

However, he was quick to assure the media that Dell will not be affected by such problems.

“For the next three years, there is going to be a supply shortage. There will be a shortage of key hardware such as screens and chips. However, Dell has the power and the resources to procure large numbers of surplus hardware for our products,” he explained.

Campbell-Banks also extolled the virtues about the Dell Streak’s unique 5-inch form factor and the company’s partnership with StarHub, calling it the only device in the market capable of producing the best smartphone and tablet experience for users.

“The Dell Streak is designed for users who are constantly connected to their mobile broadband Internet access. You can use it to watch Youtube videos, check emails, make phone calls, or even watch television programs through the pre-installed StarHub TV app, which currently offers 27 channels,” he said.

Also present at the media event were StarHub Head of Sales and Marketing Ng Long Shyang and Varinderjit Singh, Managing Director for Dell Singapore and Malaysia, who both participated in a Q & A session.

In response to a question about Dell’s decision to sell the Streak pocket tablet exclusively through StarHub, Varinderjit claimed that the reason was simply that StarHub’s strategies complement that of Dell’s with regards to mobile broadband usage and media consumption..

“StarHub is one of the leading providers in Singapore. With their HSPA network, it fits in very well with the Streak. In addition, the bundling of apps like StarHub TV and StarHub Music Store complements our ideas of what such devices like the Streak can be used for. We will definitely be working with StarHub in the long term, and they are very well fitted with regards to the markets we are focusing on in Singapore,” he said.

Last but not least, Ng spoke about how StarhHub was able to offer customers a better package and user experience, key aspects which earned the telco its partnership with Dell.

“Consumers can download and stream videos to their Streak without having to worry about things like bill shocks: this is due to our variety of plans which cater to users with different needs. Also, StarHub has invested in the world’s first smartphone signaling solution, a feature that optimizes connectivity and signals for smartphones. And lastly, on the distribution side, StarHub has 10 stores and 50 Exclusive Partners. This ensures that users can easily get their hands on a Streak in Singapore,” he said.

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