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Square debuts new card swiping iPad stand

A new hardware stand by Square featuring a built in credit card swiper has debuted, letting you convert your iPad into a full-fledged register.

At San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Coffee, Square just debuted a stand specifically built for the iPad and featuring a credit card swiper to turn the tablet into a till. In total, Square is processing around $15 billion in payments annually, not counting Starbucks. Business owners have used the iPad (among other devices) as a register previously, connecting it to Square using an accessory card swiper, but this is the first time such a card reader is integrated into a stand specifically for the iPad. The reason the iPad was chosen for the stand is because 50% of all Square sales go through an iPad. “We wanted to build software and hardware that matches,” says CEO Jack Dorsey.

The stand will connect to other hardware, such as receipt printers and cash drawers and barcode scanners, allowing users all the functionality of a traditional register. Dorsey mentioned that he found it important that merchants shouldn’t need to compromise, and that the stand will allow them to process payments faster, especially for those dealing in high volume. Tomorrow, 13 businesses at 30 locations will begin using the stand. “We’re going to push this very hard, but we have to push this the right way,” says Dorsey, “We want to work together and test things.”


The Square Stand is available for pre order at squareup.com/stand with a price tag of $299. Starting the week of July 8, select retailers and Best Buy stores will also begin carrying the stand.


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