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Spotted: Pictures taken with Nexus S. For Real?


Renowned technology blog, Techcrunch, recently reported on their findings of three photos which looked to have been taken with the new Google Nexus S Android smartphone. The photos were taken on 5th and 6th November, few days after a Google phone (called “Nexus Two” then) was uncovered.

The next Google phone will be in the form of Nexus S which would be manufactured by Samsung, and scheduled to launch in U.S before end of this year. While some details of the phone have been leaked, Techcrunch claims to have come across some pictures taken with the Google Nexus S Android phone.

Well, the pictures from the Google Picasa album do not look at all credible, even though under the “more info” of each picture states to be taken by Google Nexus S.

There are three pictures in the album, and the first two were badly taken with bad focusing. The third picture shows a wall of color and pattern charts. Regardless, just because the “more info” states Google Nexus S, doesn’t exactly mean it is taken by the upcoming Android phone.

In case you didn’t know, EXIF data can be edited within most image editors and even EXIF editor utility software, for example, AnalogExif. You can easily editor the EXIF information of any picture easily. Here’s a picture we uploaded that has been edited using the AnalogExif. No, we are not claiming it is taken with the Google Nexus S Android phone because it really isn’t.

Source: Techcrunch

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