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Spotify App Now Controls Sonos Speakers: Should Bose Be Afraid?

If you use Sonos speakers at home with a Spotify Premium account, you’ll reap the most benefits. You can now do a lot more from within Spotify and don’t have to hop back and forth into the Sonos app anymore!

Sonos and Spotify: The New Dynamic Duo?

After a month of testing and tweaking, Sonos and Spotify just rolled out an update that will empower you to use all your favourite Spotify features, adjust the volume, and stream to all of your Sonos Speakers at home – from within the Spotify app. Enjoying your music from headphones and just reached home? You can now continue from where you left off on your Sonos speaker by clicking on the Spotify ‘Connect’ button, instead of starting your music all over again.

From the Spotify app, you may now even group Sonos Speakers together.

Grouping Speakers in Spotify.

Now anyone can play DJ at your party, and they don’t even need to have the Sonos app. Spotify is now directly integrated so that any guest who has a Spotify Premium account (and hooked up to your WiFi network) can connect to your Sonos Speakers using Spotify Connect.

Spotify Connect
The Sonos Family.

You can now say that Spotify has closer integration with Sonos than Bose. While the Bose SoundTouch app will allow you to search your Spotify music and access playlists, you will still need to manage your playlists in the Spotify app. Now with SoundTouch, you will have to switch back and forth a bit more often than if you had used Sonos.

But with SoundTouch, you can assign preset buttons to your favourite Spotify playlists, which is what Sonos speakers are not able to do – for now.

Bose SoundTouch with Spotify.

This closer integration will surely make life easier for existing Sonos users. The next logical step would be to bake Spotify into the Sonos app and get the best of both worlds! Keeping fingers crossed for it!

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