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Spot the meme in this awesome poster

A poster over at collegehumor.com has collected some of the most prolific internet memes over the past few years. Can you name them all?

H. Caldwell Tanner is an artist who frequently does comics and other visuals for collegehumor.com. He is perhaps most known for his collection of then vs. now comics comparing the sometimes unexpected similarities between events when we see them as children and as adults (such as birthday parties). Now, he has created an amazing collage of internet history, putting together over 9000 one hundred memes in his unique art style. It’s quite impressive how well he manages to replicate the memes, to the point that they’re unmistakably recognizable.

Future historians will think we were all complete morons. Ermahgerd!


Can you name them all? I don’t know if it would be a badge of honor or shame if you can, but do give it a shot anyway. If you head on over to CollegeHumor’s website, they have a super sized version of the poster that also contains the answer key, in case you’re not a meme-expert. They’ll even let you download it as a desktop wallpaper.

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