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Spire Sonex 6010 Case Review

The interior of the Sonex 6010 is all black, sprayed with the same matte black paint as the rest of the chassis. Although the motherboard tray layout is fairly common, Spire cut open the area behind the CPU in order to allow the installation of large coolers without the user having to remove the entire motherboard. The disk drive cages are facing towards the front panel of the case. This case allows the installation of graphics cards up to 31.5cm long; however such a long card will also block at least the one drive bay in line with it. The drive bays do have an opening for plastic “tool-less” locks, yet none of those come with the case; all drives are being installed with the use of old-fashioned screws.

A simple black sleeve bearing 120mm exhaust fan can be found installed at the rear of the case. Not a fancy solution or anything excessive, yet it will get the job done.

The card expansion covers unfortunately are not reusable; they were part of the original metal sheet where the rear plate came from, it takes some force to remove them and they cannot be attached again once they are removed.

The PSU compartment can be found at the top of the case, above the motherboard tray and the 120mm exhaust cooling fan. The PSU is being held into place with the aid of two metallic stands on which Spire installed foam tape to prevent scratches on the PSU chassis.

Spire punched an opening next to the PSU, allowing the user to route a few cables from the rear of the power supply tray and down to the 3.5” cage or the motherboard’s bottom. The clearance is only a few mm and a thick cable like the 24-pin ATX cable will certainly not fit, while the routing of PCI Express power cables will also be problematic, yet not impossible if the power supply is not using thicker than standard cables.

Our ICTT system fits inside the Sonex 6010 very well, although we would not claim that to be a very comfortable fit. A full ATX motherboard would end right where the drives begin. Installing a very long GFX card or any other long expansion card will block the HDD drive slot in straight line with the card’s slot. It is not a very roomy case, neither designed for the quick and easy removal of all components, but it certainly fits a normal ATX system without trouble.

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