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Spire Corp releases Slimod 282 direct-touch VGA cooler

Spire Corp has released the Slimod 282 VGA cooler. The Slimod 282 uses the heatpipe direct touch design and two large fans for efficient cooling, yet keeping noise levels down.

More details from the Press Release.

11 August 2010 – Introducing the Slimod 282 high-end direct touch heat pipe VGA graphics array cooler. The Slimod 282 is a powerful GPU cooler for the latest hot 130W NVIDIA and ATI graphics chipsets.

The Slimod is equipped with four all copper 6mm direct touch heat pipes for efficient and quick heat transport to the aluminum stamped heat-sink fins which transfer the heat to ambient area. The four heat pipes utilized and high performance sintered powder heat-pipes guarantee best thermal results. The Slimod 282 is equipped with two 90mm DC fans which generate strong air pressure and over 24CFM airflow.

The Slimod 282 VGA Cooler is supplied with full PCB mounting clips and fittings, S420 thermal interface material and memory heatsinks. You can easily install this VGA cooler onto your GeForce and Radeon based graphic cards. Powered by innovation and performance, the Slimod 282 is the professional solution for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike offered to you by Spire.

Main Features

– Superior cooling up to 130W
– Efficient cooling enabled by 4 direct-touch heat pipes
– High-performance sintered powder heat pipes
– Two 90mm fans, silent at 24.0dBA
– Extends the life of your video card
– Keeps video card cool and at maximum performance levels
– Versatile the NVIDIA GeForce and ATI Radeon graphics chipsets



The Slimod 282 is compatible with the latest NVIDIA and ATI based graphic cards on the market today. The full compatibility list for the Slimod 282 cooler can be found on the detailed product page.


Product Includes

– Owner Manual
– S420 tube thermal interface
– Mounting brackets/clips
– Mounting bolts and screws
– RAM Memory heat-sinks
– Warranty registration card



USD 49.99 / EURO 36.95



The Slimod 282 VGA/GPU cooler is now available from Spire’s factory in Shenzhen, China. Distribution through Spire branch offices locations will commence mid August 2010.


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