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Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida confirms PS4 Remote Play can be used locally without WiFi connection

Sony’s own Shuhei Yoshida has delivered some clarification on the PlayStation 4’s Remote Play via the PS Vita, revealing that the functionality can be maintained locally in the absence of a WiFi or internet connection.

PS Vita Remote Play

When Sony published their Ultimate PS4 FAQ, some gamers found their questions unanswered. The specifics on Remote Play, for example, focused on tips on how to best utilize the mode with mentions of WiFi access points as well as local and wide area networks.

Wondering if there was more to Remote Play than what the FAQ offered, the community turned to Sony Computer Entertainment’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida for answers.

In a recent discourse on Twitter, Yoshida confirmed that Remote Play can be streamed when the internet is down, and can even be used when the router is turned off. The only requirement is that users must first register their devices.

This is interesting news considering the FAQ mentions only the WiFi connection. Yoshida responded further that gamers can “choose the best connection in your case”, revealing that there is a variety of ways the PS Vita connects to the PS4 for Remote Play:

One Tweeter was curious if the PlayStation 4 featured a “direct connect” capability with the PS Vita, and queried Yoshida, who affirmed the feature’s presence:

This conversation sheds light on the three different options that gamers can choose for Remote Play, including direct connect when in close proximity to the PS4 console, local WiFi network support for farther proximity, and then options for public WiFi.

While we still don’t know the specifics behind the three modes, Yoshida advises gamers to compare them and find the best connection that fits their needs. It will be interesting to test out all of these scenarios and find just how far you can stray from the PS4 before Remote Play is interrupted, especially within the public WiFi capability.

Sony has also just released a new PS Vita firmware update, which adds in the required PS Link software for Remote Play/second screen content along with a variety of other features. Sony will also be rolling out the PlayStation App on Nov. 13 in preparation of the console’s release two days later.

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