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Sony’s Phil Molyeux hints at 4K video distribution via PlayStation network

Sony’s COO Phil Molyeux is hinting that there is a possibility that a 4K video service will be included alongside the company’s highly anticipated next-gen game console.

The PlayStation 4 is purported to support 4K videos and images but not games, which begs the question of whether or not Sony will supply the ultra-high definition content as part of its next generation game console package. 

Molyeux, in an interview with The Verge, did not confirm any speculations; however, he did subtly hint at the topic when he said that Sony won’t “disappoint” anyone with regards to 4K services for the PS4. 

Sony is rumored to begin 4K content distribution via its various networks sometime this summer, but the main concern, though, is that consumers haven’t exactly been keen to hop onto the 4K wagon and drop heavy amounts of cash for 4K displays.  Additionally, 4K formatted content requires huge amounts of bandwidth, with average videos requiring 100+ GB of storage space, according to Molyeux.

Moving forward, 4K is an adaptable industry standard, but, for now, the limiting factors are the availability of high broadband speed as well as affordable technologies to view content in 4K format.  Like any smart businessman, Molyeux says that these limiting factors must be overcome before things like 4K can be delivered in a fashion that will provide for “a comfortable consumer experience.”

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