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Sony’s new sign-up page may be your ticket to the PlayStation Now beta

Sony has launched a sign-up page for PlayStation Now, the newly announced service that will bring PlayStation games across a variety of devices.

PlayStation Now

At CES 2014, SCE CEO and President Andrew House took the stage to reveal a revolutionary new game streaming service that provides the framework for Sony’s new cloud-based ecosystem: PlayStation Now. PS Now will bring a number of classic games from the PlayStation catalog to a smattering of devices–the most surprising of which is Sony’s brand of Bravia smart-TV’s.

The Japanese industry titan continued to outline a schedule for their new streaming service, announcing that they’ve made plans to roll it out in the United States sometime in Summer 2014. To work out the kinks, a closed-beta testing phase will be initiated later this month.

But how do we sign up for this hugely anticipated closed beta?

A recently launched PlayStation Now registration page may hold the key to the service’s closed beta.

PS Now

When landing on the page, users are prompted to enter in a variety of details, including their name, e-mail address, zip code as well as their PlayStation Network ID.

“We are excited about the future of game streaming and invite you to keep up with the latest news and updates on the evolution of PlayStation Now in the future.

“Register below to be the first to receive exclusive information on PlayStation Now.”

Although the digital sign-up sheet says that users will receive “the latest updates and news” on PS Now, and doesn’t specifically say anything about the closed beta, the request of your PSN ID may indicate you’re adding your name to the pool of possible beta participants.

Be sure to jump on over to the page and sign-up if you’re interested in the service, and the worst that can happen is that you receive timely updates on PlayStation Now. Be aware that this doesn’t guarantee access to the beta, and that there’s no confirmation on how users sign-up–this is just a possibility.

Via PlayStation.com

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