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Sony’s first Japanese PS4 commercial revealed

Moving on with just one final step after East Asia, Sony now reveals their first advertisement for the much awaited Japanese release of the PS4 console.


When Sony first revealed release dates for the PS4, it was quite strange that it did not include any release dates for Japan. One would probably question why they did not decide to release it first in the country where they are sure it would succeed.

But maybe that’s exactly the reason why they decided to temporarily forego with the PS4’s Japanese release and move towards its international release first. Seizing the larger world gaming market may have given them a more strategic advantage. So what’s the better way to promote it to Japan as it arrives then?¬†Well, how about showing how successful the console is now after its international release? The first Japanese PS4 commercial may be very brief, but it tries to capture the emotion and excitement when the PS4 was launched worldwide.

Watch and enjoy.

Source: Doope (JP), Sony (JP)

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