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Sony’s Fergal Gara: PS4 stock to get ‘regular replenishments’ in UK

UPDATE: Sony UK’s Managing Director Fergal Gara has delivered the following statement to MCV regarding their plans on refilling PS4 stock:

“We are delighted by the initial sales of PS4 and are proud to have set new records for a UK console launch.

“In particular, I want to thank all the gamers who have waited patiently for PS4 and who have come out to support PlayStation. I also want to thank all of our retail and publishing partners who have helped make this possible by delivering huge sales in a very short period of time and great games for PS4.

“Since the initial announcement back in February, pre-orders for PS4 have surpassed all expectations and we continue to work hard to fulfil the remainder of these pre-orders and to deliver additional consoles to the market for the many more gamers who want a PS4.  Substantial further volumes of PS4 will arrive in the UK before Christmas.

In a recent interview, Sony UK exec Fergal Gara reveals that the company is taking active measures to ensure the stock of PS4’s is replenished for the holiday season.

Silver PS4

The demand for Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4 console has surged overseas, so much that some retailers have sold completely out of their stock. This is a normal occurrence and is to be expected, but the timing was a bit surprising: shortly after the PS4’s Nov. 29 launch in the UK, stores were beginning run out of systems.

With the holidays coming closer and closer, many gamers–and mothers who want to make their children very happy come Christmas morning–are scrambling to find a PS4 of their own.

Fergal Gara, the Managing Director for Sony UK, isn’t very concerned about the situation.

Fergal Gara

According to a recent interview with The Gaming Liberty, Gara divulges that Sony is doing everything it can to make sure there are plenty of units come Christmas, and affirms worried UK gamers that “regular replenishments” are coming.

All he asks is for a bit of patience:

“Winding the clock back, as we started to see the bigger demand for consoles later than we expected, but we’ve done everything we can do to increase production. This has given us more than we were expecting some weeks and months back for example – so that is a good job.

“Stock is flowing over time so there is regular replenishments!

“Even if it was to sell out this weekend, we expect more stock to be available next weekend for example. It might pop in and out of stock between now and Christmas, and yes, we do apologise to anyone that can’t get one, but again, we would ask for patience.”

As always if you’re looking to pick up a PS4 the best thing you can do is keep on trying; call and visit your local retailers, sign up for notifications and lists, and stick to forums and the PS4 Reddit. You might get lucky, but as Gara affirms, Sony is aware of the situation and will be sending fresh waves of PlayStation 4’s soon.

Via DualShockers, The Gaming Liberty, MCV

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