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Sony Xperia Z’s T-Mobile release is only a matter of time


Close to six months after being introduced to the world, Sony’s Xperia Z smartphone looks finally ready to hit a mainstream US carrier – T-Mobile.

They say timing is everything in today’s mobile décor, but sometimes you can do more harm than good by releasing a smartphone before the competition. Case in point, Sony’s Xperia Z, unveiled and launched in Europe and Asia ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and HTC’s One, but forced to live in the two’s shadows for the past few months.

True, the reasons why the Z hasn’t gained a serious foothold in the smartphone world are far more complex than just timing, having to do with the 5-incher’s meager display, not so hot processor and, last but not least, limited availability.

Even today, close to six months after Xperia Z’s official intro, Americans can’t get the phone in a subsidized form, being forced to cough up close to $600 for an unlocked variant of it.

But patience will soon pay off, as it’s now a near certainty Sony’s Xperia Z will hit T-Mobile by the end of the summer. Magenta is yet to announce that and Sony is also coy on the matter, only several support docs have popped up on the carrier’s website, making it all crystal clear.

As you probably know already, T-Mo doesn’t do contracts anymore, so the Z will be made available with “value plans” instead, a symbolic upfront payment, plus 24 monthly installments. My guess is you’ll be asked to pay $100 at the purchasing of the device and an additional $20 per month, which is the exact payment structure of the HTC One, but a slight downwards tweak is also in the cards.

The million dollar question is whether or not it’s a little late for Sony to make waves in the US, since the Xperia Z will be viewed by some as an “aging” device. Well, is it or is it not too late?

Source: [T-Mobile] via [PhAndroid]

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