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Sony Xperia L4 Togari and Nokia Lumia 1030 phablets leaked in blurred pics

Sony Xperia L4 Togari

A couple of blurred images leaked last night reveal what is most certainly the upcoming Sony Xperia L4 Togari phablet. Another image later on in the night also lifted the veil on Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 1030 WP phablet.

It is already a well known fact that Sony is working hard on their first phablet to date. Codenamed Togari, the 6.44-inch gargantuan device is enjoying more and more popularity under the “leaks” limelight. A blurred image leaked last night give the world their first look at Sony’s phablet dream. Togari shares a design much similar to Sony’s flagship Xperia Z, and that ain’t a bad thing. The Xperia L4 Togari is rumored to pack a Snapdragon 800 chipset powering the giant 6.44-inch 1080p display. Our sources tell us that the phablet will be extremely thin, trading battery size to achieve the same. Even then, we were told to expect a battery rated higher than 3000 mAh. Sony will reveal their first phablet some time in the next three months, so the wait is almost over.

Nokia Lumia 1030 phablet

As if the night wasn’t exciting enough already, the same leaked image showed us something that just couldn’t escape our (keen) eyes. Behold, for this might be your first look at Nokia’s realization of a phablet powered by Windows Phone. Sites report the new device as the Lumia 1030 (that’s not the final name). We can’t help but note that the device just a really large windows phone, possibly fueled by Microsoft’s GDR3 update which will enable support for higher resolution, 1080p displays for the platform.

Source: Test Mobile (French) and Nokia Day (French)

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