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Sony unlocks 1,000 self-publishers milestone

Sony has recently shared that over 1,000 devs across the globe have aligned with the company to provide games for the PS4.


Early in the PlayStation 4 campaign, Sony embraced the indie scene as a whole and went great lengths to incorporate the spirit of self-published indie games within their new console. Support for indies grew and grew, and became an integral part of the PlayStation 4 as a whole, bolstering the console’s PS Plus lineup and offering unique experiences like Resogun to millions of gamers worldwide.

Now Sony has shared that over 1,000 developers have signed up to create and release games for the PS4, making for a slew of upcoming and in-development indies–proving the future is bright for the ever-popular gaming niche. Whether you’re hopelessly hooked on surviving the wilds in Don’t Starve or are ticking away the days until N++ or Rogue Legacy are available, the PS4’s indie offerings have something for everyone–this diversity captures the magic of indies as a whole.

To commemorate their indie milestone, Sony has released a thank you video that reflects on the PS4’s current progress in the gaming sphere.

At this year’s GDC event, Sony pushed their love for indies a bit further by announcing that the PS4 will support a slew of middleware to aid in indie development. These tools include programs like GameMaker:Studio, SCE’s Authoring Tools Framework, as well as MonoGames (a C#-based open-source engine suite). All of these staples are beneficial to indie devs in various ways and Sony may introduce even more assets as time goes by.

Sony has also recently revealed a huge list of upcoming PlayStation 4 games, many of which are anticipated indies like Octodad: Dadliest Catch or Curve Studios’ highly prestigious indie The Swapper. Let’s not forget Mercenary Kings, which is actually the PS4’s free PS Plus game for April, which is an announcement that can be appreciated by every Contra fan on the planet.

It’ll be interesting to see how Sony plans to continue their support for indies in the coming years, but for now the company is off to a great start. Coupled with a slew of AAA releases, indie titles compliment the PS4’s traditional lineup quite well and give gamers something to chew over while waiting for the big-name releases.

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